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Silverstar is a Manufacturing Company located along the Yangtze River, only 120 kilometres away from Shanghai International Airport. Its geographic location and proximity to the economic centre of our district makes it ideal for business operations.

Silverstar was founded in 1991 and it has since engaged itself in the production of a range of state of the art craft tools such as pliers, precision forging products, scissors, as well as stainless steel cutlery and PV glass. What is worth mentioning is that all our products are mainly sold in the foreign markets. In 1992, our products successfully entered the EU market and have been largely favoured by our customers. Our successful operation in the international market has seen our annual sales value rise to US$5,000,000. For what it is worth, we have our regular customers in countries and regions such as Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Chile, Colombia, Turkey, Canada, USA, UAE, Cyprus, South Africa etc. Our trademark is registered in Italy, where we happen to have an agent situated. In essence, our market share is progressively expanding with every passing day.

As a highly-reputed supplier, Silverstar has a team of elite work force whose services are second to none in providing great customer experience. Our customers are important to us and it is our responsibility and indeed our pleasure to serve and to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed in all transactions. We also have various departments within the company tasked with providing specific services such as technical support, after-sale services, order processing, logistics, general enquiries, and information on special custom-made products.

We take pride in our products and aim to be the best in our line of trade. As a company we strive to provide high quality service to our customers across all departments whilst maintaining high productivity- price ratio.

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